what is cd duplication, Direct CDsWhat is CD Duplication – Here’s the info you need

CD Duplication works by the same principal as burning a CD/DVD on your home computer.  During the CD duplication process, the information is taken from the master disc and is written onto a blank disc.  Once the data has been written onto the blank CD/DVD it is verified and the process is completed.

Can I do this at home?

You can duplicate your own CDs at home if you are only doing a couple but as you need to do each one individually, if you need many more than that it will take a long time.  The equipment we use at Direct CDs means that we can duplicate hundreds of CDs at a time.

Things to consider

  • Quality – it is worth making sure you know what CDs will be used for your duplicates and that they are fit for purpose. Some companies will use cheap CDs that are prone to scratching so check that the quality meets your expectations.
  • Delivery times – make sure that you know when your CDs are due to be delivered and that they will arrive in time. At Direct CDs you will be assigned an Account Manager who will make sure you are kept up to date with progress and let you know when you can expect delivery.
  • Printing – at Direct CDs our printing is done in house so we can always be confident of the quality. However, some companies may outsource this so check what the finish will be like, whether the colours may run if they get wet and that the artwork will be professionally guillotined so that the edges are sharp and of a high quality.
  • Cases – make sure that the cases used will match your expectations on quality. It would be a shame to spend lots of money on fantastic looking artwork only to find that the cases are cheap and brittle.

 One stop shop!

Direct CDs cover the whole of the UK and Europe and our quality of service and value are second to none.  Your Account Manager will be a single point of contact for you during the entire job and will keep you up to date with progress.  In addition to this, all of our work is guaranteed.

We offer incredible value with our CD duplication service but even better is that if we are printing your CDs or DVDs, the CD duplication part of the service is free!

Please feel free to contact us to find out more or if you would like to upload your document for us to provide a quotation, then please click here.

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