The History of the CD

CD’s are a piece of technology which are today taken for granted  Here is some information on the history of the CD. For some they are part of their every day life, as are the items used to play the CD’s. For those needing to present information via CD to many people, then CD duplication is the ideal solution. This can be carried out quickly, effectively and cheaply and for more details please do contact us.

Lets travel back for some CD history……

Should we delve into the history of the CD, we will learn that Sony and Philips fought a stressful battle against time in order to be the first to introduce the new technology with the hope of replacing vinyl and cassettes. The battle actually goes back as far as 1957 when experiments began. As the years went on, Sony’s strengths were Philips weaknesses and vice versa so they eventually opted to work in partnership to get the CD off the ground.

By 1980, the efforts of the pair paid off as they introduced the ‘Red Book’ holding specifications of the CD.

With the CD in full swing, the partnership dissolved and each company went their separate way in order to create a machine which could play the CD’s. October 1st 1982, Philips enjoyed their developmental victory in beating Sony by just one month and introduced the CDP-101 Compact Disk Player. Sony however did make a comeback a few years later by offering the first portable CD player.

The sheer levels of CD sales globally is frankly mind-boggling.  It has been such a successful product it all but killed off the cassette and record markets.  It has enabled us to take large amounts of data and to turn music, IT software, games, photos and many other things into data that we can digest time and time again, when we want.

From this great invention, people have been allowed to transport information quickly and effectively and at Direct CD’s we are proud to be a part this, offering our customers a professional and experienced CD duplication service.  If you would like to know more on our CD Duplication service feel free to contact us and for prices click here.

CD history is just that, history now but at the time it was pioneering technology and it is still being adapted and added to.  The humble CD is something very powerful, from it the entire world has changed in big ways and a good CD with music and a video can be a great present, a demo album for an up and coming group or just a gift for a friend.  If you have moments like this you would like to share with friends please contact us and we will make it happen.