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CD Duplication UK, FREE CD Duplication

Direct CDs Ltd are based in Hertfordshire and cover the whole of the UK and Europe, and offer the best low cost CD Duplication Service UK & CD Printing Service UK. Nobody beats us on price and service when it comes to our best CD Duplication & Printing services. If you choose the option to have your CD’s Printed we will do the duplication free for you when we print your CDs or DVDs. We offer you the lowest prices and best quality and we guarantee all of our work. Your business is very important to us so we always go that extra mile to keep you happy and to deliver a high end product.  This is because we know a high end product says a lot about you and what you do, our products say a lot about us so we make sure they are right. For us CD & DVD Duplication is still growing with new companies and bands coming on board to use us all the time.

Our services to not end there, more of our clients are using our other printing services. We are well known for our expert ease in the CD & DVD market. But also unknown as a printing company. We are that good that the trade and print farmer use our services for leaflet, books, manuals, booklet, business cards and posters.

“CD Duplication is FREE if we are printing your CDs or DVDs”

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Try our CD Duplication and Printing Price Calculator today for our instant quote system. You won’t believe how easy and hassle free our CD Production & Printing Service is. Our prices are both competitive and prove value for money with many customers re-ordering again and again. Clients include many blue chip and house hold names, as well as independent record labels and film-makers, small businesses and private individuals. To complement our CD Duplication Services why not try our CD Printing Services, this is another great service which we offer.

What is CD duplication?

CD Duplication involves burning standard CD-R with our CD or DVD disc writer or laser drives. Customer often ask us what does the ‘R’ stand for on CD-R, this means they are recordable format. The standard cds that you would buy from shops are known to as CD ROM where the ‘ROM’ stands for Read Only Memory as these discs have been pressed at the time of manufacture so can not be duplicated to. We refer to these as CD Replication and DVD Replication and are suitable for quantities larger than 1000. This is where a glass master is made so your disc can be pressed.

Here at Direct CDs we use robotic CD duplicators that can process large numbers of CDs or DVDs. This type of production is ideal for smaller print runs and fast delivery times. Ideally for quantities less than 1000 discs. We print directly onto the disc via very high quality inkjet printing machines. We also apply a UV Varnish to seal the ink in and make these smudge proof. CD Copying services is the same as duplication. Many people think they are different but CD copying services is the same and uses the same cd burners.

You may just want us to print your CDs only and have them sent them out blank to you, so you can burn your own content onto the discs. Using your own CD-RW or DVD-RW drive. This is often useful if you are sending out individual client files.

“FREE Duplication When We Print Your CDs or DVDs”

For trade customers we offer different Prices so please contact us

Customer service is paramount to us. Your Account Manager will assist you with every element of the job to make sure your order is exactly what you need it to be. They will ensure you’re kept right up to date, down to when your project will be delivered.  Most importantly to confirm your satisfaction.

There are many companies who claim to be experts but we stand behind our duplication services. We have many happy customers to showcase how reliable our expertise is.  Please feel free to contact us for further information by clicking here

At Direct CDs we really do deliver with excellent customer service. Strong brand management and fast results, this is why we have so many loyal customers.