Beer Mat Printing uk

Try our low cost Beer Mat Printing UK Service. Most artists who are up and coming in the music industry play at pubs, bars and venues.

Design the mat to your liking, displaying photography, graphics and contact details to promote your work.

beer mat printing

Beer mats have been designed for putting a pint of beer on and soaking up the spill as well as advertising the brand. Why not use them to deliver powerful messages for a marketing statement. Whether you’re looking to boost your brand or to use this at your next pub gig. You will wow your guests at an upcoming event and will get people talking about beer coasters personalised to suit you. Measuring at 94mm across they can fit many occasions.

With Directcds, customising your beer mat printing couldn’t be easier – simply just email us your artwork or we can create this for you.

How to choose a beer mat design

If you’re looking to promote your band, or with your company’s logo is the perfect choice. But if it’s a special occasion and you want to wow, why not personalise with a simple message or artwork?

Are our beer mats single or double sided?

Yes they are and will have rounded corners and will be printed on 94mm bright white paperboard. Personalised beer mats aren’t just for bars and pubs, but they’re also ideal for promoting your brand at marketing events, parties and weddings. Create unique beer mats for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. Great party & wedding favours your guests will love.