CD Cover Printing

CD Cover Printing CD Sleeve Printing is a service we offer at Direct CDs, suitable for CD cases, Jewel Cases and DVD cases. Using our latest hi tech Digital Press for this and we print onto 170 gsm gloss for all our inlays. We would like to make sure you always get a top quality product for your CD Cover.  Making them last, and keep looking good for longer. Also we print directly onto CDs and DVDs for the best quality and you also have the option to have these varnished to give that professional look that you get when buying from a store.

For a CD case, you have the option for a cover or a booklet to be single sheet or double sided. If more pages are required a 4, 6, 8 or 12 page booklet can be created using a variety of templates to suit.

So how to print out cd covers for your cd case artwork, just email us your artwork. We will print these for you, or if you get stuck we can help design your artwork.

CD Cover Printing

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The quality of our CD case artwork is of the highest standards and our prices prove difficult to beat. Take a look at our price calculator or contact us direct on 01920 465023.

If you need a template for your design please go to our template page.

If we find any problem with your artwork, we will contact you straight away.

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